Westboro Baptist Church coming to a town near me

Fred Phelps Westboro “Baptist Church” [emphasis mine, as I know many lovely Baptist church-goers] is coming to my town next week to demonstrate outside a high school. Why in God’s name (literally) they would target this school is beyond me (and I can’t get clarification from their website because Verizon blocks it), and our community is somewhat torn as to how to proceed.

Some are on the side of a counter-demonstration in order to show the students that we, as a community, support them and do not tolerate…well…intolerance. Others see any acknowledgement of Phelps and his crew as contributing to either his media presence or feeding into his frequent lawsuits for rights violations. 

The community listservs are blowing up over this issue, while I’m reminded of a certain underrated early ’90s flick mantra - “We’re not gonna protest! We’re not gonna protest!”

Stay tuned.

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